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Digital Dream Society is a development division of BirdLand Theatre focused on hybrid digital and live creations, film and video productions, applying the best practices for digital education, production, and distribution.

Digital Dream Society activity is made of three programs:

1.Education Program, The Seven Cycles of You - a Creative Meditation Course

2.Digital Streaming Platform, The Seven Streams of Digital Theatre - a year-round program promoting the work of Digital Theatre Creators

3. Digital Theatre/Media Producing & Training Platform, The Seven Steps Makers Lab - a program for education and production in hybrid digital and live creations. 

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At BirdLand Theatre Productions, we create, devise, and produce memorable theatre productions. We love musical theatre. We enjoy drama and comedy. We are excited about experimenting with digital technology and live performance.


Dream of your next event as an extraordinary live experience. 

BirdLand Theatre creates unique immersive live events for corporate functions, office parties, and private gatherings of any size. 


BirdLand Theatre's creative team will deliver to the location of your choosing a rich live event, that will entertain and delight all who attend. 


BirdLand Theatre's creative team made of award-winning actors, designers, and entertainers will excite your guests immersing them in the extraordinary live experience.


The Children’s Academy for Creative Living provides children with tools for mental and emotional well-being by utilizing the creative practices of dramatic arts. At Children's Academy for Creative Living, we inspire children to write, act, speak, design, and direct - children inspiring each other to create. They will gain knowledge and mindfulness skills through carefully structured play in interaction with their peers and instructors.

The dormant creative potential in children and youth is the major obstacle to their successful growth and living as adults. The goal and mission of the Children's Academy for Creative Living is to awaken the creative giant in children and youth.


The Academy has three groups:


1. Children - from 6 years to 10 years old

2. Young - from 10 years to 14 years old

3. Youth - from 14 years to 18 years old

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